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Our community is important to us.

Frau auf Wiese
The terms Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance describe corporate responsibility for people and their natural and professional surroundings within the company, as well as the observance of ethical standards and honest business practices above and beyond the minimum statutory requirements.

The Baltic FS takes the responsibility for our clients and Business Partners, but also for our Official Partners and their employees seriously. This responsibility is documented by having been certified not only according to ISO 9001 for our quality management, but also for our health- and safety management, ISO 45001, and for our environmental management, ISO 14001.

Because the company is firmly integrated into the local and regional business world and society, taking responsibility for people and our community is a natural part of who we are. Adherence to high standards in this area is therefore the basis of our commercial success.

We believe that treating all individuals with respect and equality is a cornerstone of our own successful business, now and in the future.

Only if our employees remain motivated and continue to enjoy coming to work can we continue to work successfully together in the future.

A number of BALTIC FS’s service providers have been owner-run for generations. Their thinking is that the company should always be run in such a way that future generations can continue to enjoy commercial success. The respectful treatment of the world around us is therefore not only a marketing argument, but a firmly-held conviction that we put into practice every day.